Open for Business

For those of you who know me, and even those of you who do not, I recently graduated from Beeson Divinity School with a Master of Divinity and am currently jobless (at least in the full-time with benefits sense).  I felt called to full-time ministry at a young age, and through my time in college and seminary I knew God had given me a passion to teach, speak (or preach), and write.  In a sense I would say that at this time of my life I am waiting for God to show me what is next - a full-time job, a writing/speaking career, and/or a ministry avenue.  Yet, in another sense, life is always characterized by waiting, and I can see this time of my life as an opportunity for new things - reading books I have not been able to read while in school, serving as director of youth for Beeson's Pastor's School, deepening relationships, and yes, even blogging!  

It has taken me literally 3 weeks to come up with a title for my blog - a title that would communicate my purpose and goal for blogging and would also capture the attention of others, people like yourself!  I debated whether or not I should use the word doctrine in my title but in the end chose it because it is what the Bible uses!  (Good reason, huh?)  The word in Greek, can be translated doctrine, teaching and instruction, all synonyms of each other, so that the word doctrine is not that scary after all!  Therefore, this blog is unique, hopefully, in that it is not about my life but reflections on God as revealed in Scripture.  Hopefully, not only will this blog serve as a platform for a future writing and speaking career, but more importantly will encourage and challenge you (if you choose to read it) to adorn the doctrine of God in everything you do!  My prayer is that God will be glorified, and if he can use a simple-minded and sinful person like myself, then glory be to God!  

I dedicate this first entry and its title to my dad, who while trying to help me come up with a title for my blog, gave me his suggestion "Open for Business."  Though I did not choose to use his suggestion, I appreciate his thoughts, love, and encouragement.  Check out his blog -  abitofmark.blogspot.