Praise and Thanks

Thank you for your prayers last week. I could definitely tell that I was being prayed for as I was working with youth-aged pastor kids last week. God is continually faithful, and I give all my praise to Him for the good work He did last week at Pastors School.

I would encourage all pastors to take part in some type of school for pastors like Beeson Divinity School offers. It was such a joy to see pastors and their families come for a week of teaching, encouragement, studying, growth and relaxing. Stories are told of pastors coming to Pastors School ready to quit the ministry, but by the week's end they were encouraged to continue in the work of the Lord. I encourage you, if you are a member of a church, to check and see if the church provides a week of learning and studying for your pastor each year. Your church will reap the benefits of a pastor who has been given a week to be taught, encouraged and challenged by other pastors and renown biblical scholars. Every other profession sets aside time for continued learning. Why not pastors?

In regards to the articles mentioned in my last post, you can read them by going to and by clicking on "Alabama News" in the sidebar on the left-side of the page.

Thank you for reading this blog and for your encouragement, even if I have never met you. I read all your comments. My prayer is that we would continue working together for the kingdom of God and His glory.

Until next time.....

Gloria a Dios!