30 for 30

Image So I turn 30 in 21 days!

The picture above was taken the day I was born — Feb. 4, 1983. So in honor of my 30th year, I am inspired to start off this next decade with a bit of gusto and zeal, not to mention a little fun. To make this happen, I've created a 30 for 30 goal list. The following are 30 goals I'd like to complete between Feb. 4, 2013 and Feb. 3, 2014 in honor of my 30th year, Lord willing.

I want to have fun with this list and I'd love to have your input and encouragement. Here goes nothing!

  1. Run a 5K.
  2. Get a massage.
  3. Publish a second Bible study.
  4. Take Philip to a museum.
  5. Read and work through the Greek of one New Testament book.
  6. Take a trip to visit friends outside of Birmingham.
  7. Read Lord of the Rings.
  8. Tell someone new about Jesus.
  9. Lose one pant size.
  10. Speak at an event, retreat or conference.
  11. Blog regularly.
  12. Learn to sew.
  13. Go on a weekend "date" trip with my husband.
  14. Finish mine and Osvaldo's wedding scrapbook.
  15. Consistently update Philip's baby book and scrapbook his first year.
  16. Have an international over to our home for dinner.
  17. Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  18. Paint one room of my house.
  19. Take a trip with my Supper Club friends.
  20. Go to a college or professional football game.
  21. Go to some place new that I've never been before.
  22. Learn Spanish.
  23. Volunteer with a ministry in town.
  24. Play Settlers often with friends and husband.
  25. Make a new friend.
  26. Get out of debt.
  27. Take lots and lots of pictures of Philip.
  28. Teach Philip a new truth about God.
  29. Give lots of kisses and hugs to my husband and son.
  30. Have a big 30th party -- which is up to my husband.

Wish me luck! These goals should make for some fun blogging over this next year. In all seriousness, I am deeply grateful to God for His faithfulness these past 30 years (wow, I sound so old) and for allowing me to serve Him. I pray that He will be even more glorified in and through my life as I start a new decade. No doubt His faithfulness will not change.