February update on 30 for 30 list

Well it’s been over one month since I turned 30, and the actual event was somewhat anticlimactic. We had a big weekend planned. I was to attend a women’s conference at my church Friday night and Saturday (Feb. 1-2). Then Saturday night go out to dinner with my family. Sunday was church and the Super Bowl, which was featuring my husband’s favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers. We had a watch party planned with our best friends. Then finally, Monday, my 30th birthday, I was hoping to do something with my friends and family. To make a long story short, I got very sick on Thursday, January 31. I missed the retreat and church, and we had to cancel the Super Bowl party. However, even though I was still not feeling great, I did have a nice birthday. One of my best friends came over and brought me lunch and a present. Then Ozzie, Philip and I went out to eat. After dinner, when we got home, Ozzie had arranged a surprise birthday party for me with my closest friends. They were all there welcoming me with a cake and LOTS of candles! Even though it wasn’t the weekend I had planned or hoped for, I had lots of time to reflect on the end of one decade and the beginning of a new one.

So how have I done so far on my 30 for 30 list in one month? At the end of each month I plan to give an update on the list. (This time it was somewhat delayed with the passing of my grandmother.) Please hold me accountable! It would be awesome if I could do all the things on my list this year.


1. Run a 5K. – Been training with a friend. We were up to 2.5 miles then I came down with another infection the last week of February. Then the following week I was in San Antonio for the death of my grandmother; now I have bronchitis. I had planned running a 5K at the end of March but I’m not sure if I’ll be ready just yet.

2. Get a massage. – Haven’t done this but am hoping this is something Ozzie and I do for our 3rd anniversary, which is tomorrow! (Happy Anniversary, Babe!)

3. Publish a second Bible study. – I have a contract for a second one with Woman’s Missionary Union’s mymissionfulfilled! I am to turn in my copy by this summer so I have lots of work to do! Excited and grateful for this second opportunity.

4. Take Philip to a museum.

5. Read and work through the Greek of one New Testament book. – Ozzie and I started reading 1 John in its original language together but stopped when our household fell into sickness. Hoping to pick this back up again soon.

6. Take a trip to visit friends outside of Birmingham.

7. Read Lord of the Rings. – I started reading and am in chapter 7! But I still have about 900 or so pages to go! For the past week and a half Ozzie has asked me where I am in the book. My answer has stayed the same, “At the house of Tom Bombadil.” To which he replies, “Still?” Needless to say I think this one will take me the entire year.

8. Tell someone new about Jesus. – Had an opportunity to tell someone whom I sat next to on the airplane from San Antonio to Dallas about Jesus. This is a continued goal of mine!

9. Lose one pant size. – No comment!

10. Speak at an event, retreat or conference. – I did speak at my grandmother’s funeral, but I don’t think it counts.

11. Blog regularly. – So far I am failing this goal!

12. Learn to sew.

13. Go on a weekend “date” trip with my husband. – Maybe this will happen next week while we’re in Florida for Spring Break?

14. Finish mine and Osvaldo’s wedding scrapbook.

15. Consistently update Philip’s baby book and scrapbook his first year.

16. Have an international over to our home for dinner.

17. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

18. Paint one room of my house.

19. Take a trip with my Supper Club friends. – One of my very best friends, who is part of my Supper Club group, got engaged last month! She and her fiancé will be getting married in June. As of today, us friends are planning a trip to the beach in May before she marries.

20. Go to a college or professional football game.

21. Go to some place new that I’ve never been before.

22. Learn Spanish.

23. Volunteer with a ministry in town.

24. Play Settlers often with friends and husband. – Last month we played with our friends Michael and Meagan. Neither had played before so it was fun introducing the game to someone new.

25. Make a new friend.

26. Get out of debt.

27. Take lots and lots of pictures of Philip. – I took about 800 pictures of Philip this month. Let’s see if I take more next month!

28. Teach Philip a new truth about God.

29. Give lots of kisses and hugs to my husband and son. – Pretty sure I have already accomplished this in just one month! I love lovin’ on my two boys.

30. Have a big 30th party — which is up to my husband. – First item to check off my list! Ozzie was so sweet to invite my friends over to surprise me. I am so glad I got to ring in my 30th year with them.