Simple prayers.

Every semester my alma mater and my husband's current employer, Beeson Divinity School, publishes a little booklet to go along with that semester's chapel series. In the booklet from Fall 2012's Love In The Ruins chapel series, they have these little one to two-liner prayers at the bottom of each page. (As a side note, if you are looking to listen to some great sermons, check out Beeson's past chapel sermons here: Back to these prayers, I don't know who to credit them to other than Beeson. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed praying one a day and now want to share them with you. My hope is that as God has used them to minister to me, He will do the same for you. "Creator of all, give me an undivided heart to fear your name and follow your call."

"Sovereign Lord, I seek you with my whole heart. Give me love for the broken world I live in, though it is not my home."

"Merciful Redeemer, cleanse my heart from my wantonness. Make all other springs dry up so that I seek satisfaction only in you, the wellspring of life."

"Three-person God, wound my heart as you wounded the heart of the prophets. May I never look on sin unmoved."

"My maker and my God, give me a soft – not stubborn – heart that bends to your will. Set me apart for your service."

"God of Compassion, save me from despair when my heart is breaking. I commit to you my cause."

"Lord of Hosts, though I have stubbornly followed my own heart, have mercy on me and deliver me from your wrath."

"Author of life, write your law on our hearts. We love to know you and we long to know you."

"Lord God of Israel, let our ambitions be lost in your love. You alone are our righteousness and our glory."