30 for 30 goals: Final Report

When our friends the Beardens, my husband and I drove away from our home on February 4 for my 31st birthday dinner, one of the first things they mentioned were my 30 for 30 goals. Oh accountability how I loathe you! Especially when I have missed the mark. After running through my list, we determined that I accomplished about 66.6 percent of my goals (only later did I realize it was more like 56%). This percentage, they reminded me, would be considered a failing grade in school. I never failed at school. In fact I never made less than a B. So to fail at something is pretty embarrassing for me (which is one reason I hate setting goals and New Year's Resolutions in the first place). But that's what God gives us good friends for. To keep us accountable, humble us and then laugh with us at our mistakes and failings.

One reason I did a 30 for 30 list was to have something fun I could do all year. I set some goals that were silly and easy to accomplish. But I also set some unrealistic goals or goals that I would have to try really hard to do.

So here's my 30 goals again and my final report as to whether I accomplished each one or not. (Not in the way of an excuse, but two things happened last year that did hinder some of my goals. One, my grandmother died on March 1. I was very close to her and her death really affected me. I was in Texas during that time for almost 2 weeks. Secondly, I went to the doctor 11 times for a sinus infection/bronchitis last year. I see an immunologist and this is something we are working to correct this coming year.)

30 for 30 final report:

  1. Run a 5K. (I was so close. At one point I was running 2-3 miles, but never actually ran a 5K.)
  2. Get a massage. 
  3. Publish a second Bible study.
  4. Take Philip to a museum.
  5. Read and work through the Greek of one New Testament book. (I started 1 John with my husband but never finished.)
  6. Take a trip to visit friends outside of Birmingham.
  7. Read Lord of the Rings trilogy. (This is one I am most proud of!)
  8. Tell someone new about Jesus. (The one with the most eternal significance!)
  9. Lose one pant size. (No comment.)
  10. Speak at an event, retreat or conference. 
  11. Blog regularly. (I blogged more last year than the previous year but not enough to call it regular.)
  12. Learn to sew. (Got a sewing machine for Christmas! Maybe this year?)
  13. Go on a weekend "date" trip with my husband.
  14. Finish mine and Osvaldo's wedding scrapbook. 
  15. Consistently update Philip's baby book and scrapbook his first year. 
  16. Have an international over to our home for dinner. 
  17. Do a jigsaw puzzle.
  18. Paint one room of my house.
  19. Take a trip with my Supper Club friends. (Thanks to my friend Kaylie for getting married, we went to the beach for a girls trip prior to the big day!)
  20. Go to a college or professional football game. 
  21. Go to some place new that I've never been before. (We went to Pine Island in Florida this summer.)
  22. Learn Spanish. (Shamefully no since my husband is fluent.)
  23. Volunteer with a ministry in town. 
  24. Play Settlers often with friends and husband. (This should have been a gimme goal but no.)
  25. Make a new friend.
  26. Get out of debt. 
  27. Take lots and lots of pictures of Philip.
  28. Teach Philip a new truth about God.
  29. Give lots of kisses and hugs to my husband and son.
  30. Have a big 30th party -- which is up to my husband.

Thank you to the faithful few who follow along with me as I blog and who have encouraged me in these goals. Thank you to the ones who helped make some things on this list possible and made doing these things much more fun and enjoyable than had I done them by myself. And a big thank you to my husband who I cannot imagine doing life without. God is good.