A Church History Resource for Women Called to Ministry

My post on 3 Things Girls Called to Vocational Ministry Want to Hear From Their Pastors & Churches really hit a nerve and resonated with many women. As I continue writing some coming posts on this topic, I wanted to share a link I came across this morning. It doesn't matter where you fall on the women in ministry debate, I think this site is very helpful in understanding how God has been using women in church history to further the gospel.

The site is called, Alabaster Jar: Stories of female leaders from church history.

I haven't read all the stories, but it is definitely flagged as a resource I plan to use. What I hope the site will do is encourage women today that God is in the business of using women for His Kingdom. I am not a fan of advocating women for being female or for promoting a gender for the sake of gender. (I also don't advocate that women seek to be lead pastors of churches.) Rather, I hope this site helps us to remember these women of the past and what they did for the Kingdom of God and to allow their stories to encourage us and thereby the women serve as role models in our own calling.