A Better Response to the Homosexual Debate: Preston Sprinkle

So my response to Jen Hatmaker has received a LOT of traffic since posting it Thursday night. Because of that, I want to offer, what I think, is a better response to the issue of homosexuality. And this is where I will refer to someone else who has researched much on the topic, who is smarter than me, who did his PhD with my husband, and who, I think, talks about the issue with nuance and grace while holding to a traditional view of marriage. Preston Sprinkle has written (and continues to write) on the issue of homosexuality. You can check it out on his blog here. What I like about Preston's writing is that he engages with real people who have same-sex attractions or who were formerly living in an active homosexual lifestyle and then places the conversation within a biblical context. I don't feel like the authority of Scripture is in question or that Scripture cannot be trusted. Rather, it seems to me that he takes a posture of submission and grapples with the text and issues of hermeneutics in a responsible, mature way.

What do you think after reading his blog?