It's been an exciting month!

A few minutes ago I shared with you work that I did in the early Fall for The Alabama Baptist newspaper that was just published this week — a package of articles and resources on the issue of human trafficking. (See post below.) Also, this month, another work I did last year has finally been published. (It’s an exciting month for me!).

This summer I wrote my first Bible study for Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU)’s mymissionfulfilled. Mymissionfulfilled is a ministry of WMU focused on reaching young women. Its website is: You should check it out as the women in this ministry at WMU have done a fantastic job of reaching this age group.

The Bible study, called myStory: A Study on Our Relationship with God, is the second in a series of missional Bible studies. It’s a 15-month session study, which is broken down into three areas: an in depth Bible study, an activity focused on building community based on the study, and a mission project focused on applying the study.

Here's the link to the study: Be sure to scroll down the page; myStory is listed secondly.

My prayer is that it would be helpful to young women in churches all across this nation in learning to tell their stories from God’s perspective as found in Scripture. And, of course, that it would bring glory to God.

I am grateful for the opportunity to write Bible studies and do what I sense God has called me to do.

I am also excited to announce that WMU’s mymissionfulfilled has asked me to write another study. I'll keep you posted on the second one as I know more.

Latest work: Human Trafficking package

Last year I was asked to write a package of articles on the issue of human trafficking for The Alabama Baptist newspaper. It has finally come out and I am so excited! Here is a link to one of the stories I wrote:

A five-page spread was published this week in the newspaper with articles focused on the overall issue of modern slavery, labor trafficking, sex trafficking, and how Christians are responding. I also included lots of resources such as websites, apps, resources for churches, and red flags to watch for someone being trafficked.

For those of you who have print edition or online subscriptions, you can view it this week. But for the rest of you, if you are interested, it should be in the archives section on the paper's website in a couple of weeks at You also can call and request a copy by dialing 205-870-4720.

I pray that churches are able to use the articles and resources to inform its people on the issue and that God will move in the hearts and hands of His people to stop this evil.